Glee Season 3 Predictions (Spoilers)

Glee Season 2 has ended two weeks ago and now Gleeks can only wait and predict what will happen in season 3, these are some of my predictions about what might be happening in Season 3 of Glee.

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1. The Warblers
In my prediction Warblers will comeback in Season 3 and like season 2 they'll compete New Direction in Regional (I dont think that they'll compete New Direction in Sectional) and in my prediction they'll appear in episode 12-18 (maybe just 6 episodes). In my prediction The Warblers will compete New Direction in the National and also get the Top #10 position in the National. and some of The Warblers are graduated on Season 2, like Wes and etc.

2. Klaine
In my prediction relationship between Kurt and Blaine will run well in first-half of Season 3, but then something will happen, something that make them live alone for a while maybe for just 2-3 episodes, but they'll end the Season with love (and maybe if Blaine moves to McKinley they'll get a duet for show choir competition maybe Regional).

3. Blaine
In my prediction Blaine will appear on 4/5 of Season 3 and i thought it was impossible that Blaine will move to McKinley, I guess Blaine keep singing for The Warblers (as the Leadsinger, but I thought there will be an episodes when one of The Warblers gets a solo chance maybe when audition for Regional and I thought who will get that solo is Jeff) and Blaine will always visit Kurt at McKinley.

4. Graduation
Season 3 means 3rd Year for some Glee Cast. like usual they should be graduated or Glee is going to be unrealistic TV-Shows ever. Maybe some Glee Cast who join Glee from Season 1 (like Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Santana and etc.) and when they're graduated its a big possibility they will be changed by The Glee Project contestants.

5. Samcedes
In my prediction the realtionship between Sam and Mercedes cant stand for long time, they'll break up in Season 3 because both of them realize that there is someone who better than they're too, maybe Sam will comeback for Quinn (but no longer because Season 3 will end with Quick) and Mercedes will find someone who loves her (new person maybe).

6. Friendship
New friendship will be happen on this season. Friendship between Quinn and Rachel is going stronger and also friendship between Finn and Puck. Brittanna just can be bestfriend forever (but maybe in this season Brittanna will get their first kiss).

7. Show Choir Competition
This Year is going to be New Direction's year, they will win all of the Show Choir Competitions then in Season 4 will be more conflicts in New Direction after Finn, Rachel, Quinn and etc graduated, and also in my prediction Mr. Schue isnt going to teach Glee Club in Season 4 because of something maybe Broadway.

To be continued

Another Season 3 Predictions :
1. Klaine will be together until the next season (no more break ups) - @JessieWigan
Finchel, Quam and Brittartie get a serious relationship. and Sue gonna be a good person -@fatmarizka
3. Klaine's make out scenes - @iznillahiftah
4. Blaine will be transferred to New Direction because of something - @LoganPercyKent
5. New Directions will win the Nationals - @Aby_The _Unicorn

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